Mahogany Clark United states Age 21 Romelia: WHAT IS THE MOST DIFFICULT PART OF YOUR ARTISTIC PROCESS? Mahogany Clark: The most difficult part would be the self-marketing, being as self-published author, I have to market myself, but I love the growth in the process. Romelia: DOES YOUR FAMILY SUPPORT YOUR CAREER AS A WRITER? Mahogany Clark: I want to say yes, however I have gotten … Continuă să citești AUTHOR INTERVIEW 12


Jovan Jones United States Romelia: WHICH OF YOUR CHARACTERS ARE MOST LIKELY TO BE AN ACTIVIST, AND WHAT KIND? Jovan Jones: Maurice Jennings, my antagonist in “On the Take” a story I wrote for the 9crimes anthology with bride of chaos publishing would most likely become a union rep because his main objective is getting money and he’s still got skin in the game when … Continuă să citești AUTHOR INTERVIEW 11


Sanjeev Kumar Jain India Age 54 Romelia: WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE UNDER-APPRECIATED NOVEL? Sanjeev Kumar: “In search of lost time” by Marcel Proust. Romelia: HOW DO YOU BALANCE MAKING DEMANDS ON THE READER WITH TAKING CARE OF THE READER? Sanjeev Kumar: The topic of my book on Consciousness required to view philosophy of mind with a scientific angle. It explains many of the concepts avoiding technical … Continuă să citești AUTHOR INTERVIEW 10