Life as a woman

We are afraid to speak openly and behave normally. We are afraid of being rejected, and we use more masks so much that there will come a day when we will not know what mask to put on. We hurt people with or without our will and then we wonder why we are hurt. We are like that because we decided to be like that; we agreed to be treated like that. We are the masters of our own lives and yet we do not always have control over our lives; sometimes we tend to let others control us and then blame them for our failures.

I have never understood humanity, and I do not want to understand it again. I do not belong to this world or to this body. I just hope that one day I will return to where I belong. I hope that one day I will find my own world and my own life. I hope that one day my journey in this world will end, and I will reach the bosom of my family.

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